7 Simple Steps to Goal Setting

Setting personal goals is crucial to your personal & financial well-being. There is no growth without accomplishing goals. Many won’t set goals in fear of being let down or they lack the confidence to believe they can follow-thru with their goals. One lesson I’ve recently learned is anything that makes you feel fear is a sign you need to do it.

Goals give you focus & allow you to measure progress, and give motivation

So, here are 7 simple steps to effective goal setting.

1) Decide exactly what you want

2) Write it down

3) Set a deadline

4) Make a list (what you have to do to achieve your goal)

5) Organize your list

6) Take action immediately

7) Do something everyday to achieve your goal

Lastly you must have a “why” to all of this, why do you have to achieve this goal? If it’s a financial goal maybe the reason could be “If I don’t achieve this goal, I’ll be stuck in the rat race until I retire at 65” or “I want to live life on my own terms”

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