6 Habits to increase your happiness (And Wealth)

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Jim Rohn

6 Habits to increase your happiness  🙂

Never ending education

Never stop growing your mind. Educate your self through podcasts, audio-books / books, asking questions and any other means. This will give you a great sense of inner peace knowing you are growing your mind.


I won’t preach the wake-up early everyday, although I do believe it myself. I will suggest that you build up some consistency in your life in terms of your sleeping habits, financial life & dietary habits as well.

Keep positive influences near & dear

This one should be on every short list out there – you are most like the people you surround your self with. Keep positive influences in your circle and together you will blossom in life.

Refrain from gossip and talking poorly of people

Talking sh*t is a bad look for you. People aren’t dumb; they know it can just as easily come back around and your negative speak someday could be about them. People naturally give a great deal of respect to those who refrain from these habits.


Giving is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of life.

Never take people for granted & let them know

Perhaps not mentioned enough. Write this down and keep it near at all times. Think of the people you love and why, then associate these thoughts with the note. When your relationships get rocky look at the note and remember all the amazing reasons you love this person and remind them.

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